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Tide Washed Tees

One day I helped my daughter do a tie-dying tee shirt project; I decided to challenge myself to see if I could come up with a way to make my shirt look like ocean water! The first one I made turned out promising so I tried numerous others-even mixing the dye colors myself to create my own ocean-like colors, until I really liked the outcome.  The watery shirts look as though they’ve been washed in the tide so I call my tie-dying technique “Tide Washed”.  Now these shirts are my best selling items at my shows.

Please note that because I create each shirt individually, I can only offer them on a limited basis and so these shirts are only sold at my shows. They must be seen in person to truly appreciate their one-of-a-kind quality, because no two are the same!

Visit my show schedule to see where the Sea Glass Searcher’s Club will be so that you can stop by.