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Sea glass..........find your peace  

Beachcombers know how wonderful it feels to trade in their stress for the simplicity of searching for treasures on the beach.

The design of this shirt perfectly represents the peacefulness that is ours to enjoy when we search for sea glass on our favorite beach.


Join the Sea Glass Searcher’s Club in the fight to help our dwindling sea grass habitats. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of my “find your peace” shirts will go to Sea Grass Grow, which is an initiative from Ocean Foundation. Sea Grass marshes are disappearing at an alarming rate, yet they are so important because they directly affect the quality of our coastal waters as they naturally filter and clean the water of harmful substances.  Sea grass habitats are also 35 times better at cleaning the air than the Amazon rainforest!    Additionally, sea grass habitats provide nursery areas for many species of reef and deep sea fish.  Please visit to learn more about this disappearing environment.


Sea glass Tee-Shirt
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