Marine Conservation

I started out by wanting to make annual donations to The Ocean Foundation. This was my chosen organization because they continue to tackle threats to our oceans, such as their Redesigning Plastic Initiative to the Seagrass Grow Campaign (which is my favorite). Overall in the last 13 years they have spent more than $48 million on marine conservation!

About a year ago I set out to create a bracelet that optimizes my love of the beach. I wanted it to be simple and very beachy. Something that would remind those wearing it of their summers spent in the ocean. The result is the Rip Tide bracelet that features small water droplet beads strung on leather cording, with a bit of hemp roping for that added casual summer feeling. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these bracelets this summer was set aside for The Ocean Foundation.

Well, now that summer is over I am pleased to be able to make that donation! A special “Thank You” needs to be said to all the folks who made a purchase- it’s because of you that I was able to contribute to this wonderful organization!

Let’s do it again next year! I’ll be spending the winter months creating more designs as I wait for warmer weather to arrive.

Here’s to a heartfelt thanks to all my fellow beach lovers!!!

Cindy BilbaoComment