What is a tide washed tee?

Tide washing is a technique for tie-dyeing t-shirts that I developed which is decidedly different than the typical tie-dyeing patterns and colors reminiscent of the 1960's.  Tide washing creates a watery look on the fabric that can resemble ripples and dappled sunlight reflected on the surface of water.  If you've ever stood over a shallow body of water like a pool, lake or tide line of the ocean, you've probably noticed the patterns that exist in certain light in the moving water. Tide washing mimics these patterns on the shirt in shades of blue, aqua and teal so that the end result is a t-shirt that looks like water. This is the perfect shirt for beachcombers!

I came up with this process after much trial and error. When creating these tees I even go to the extent of mixing my own dye colors to achieve the varying levels of blue that the ocean displays.  And the best part of these shirts is that they are truly unique because they are hand dyed individually, so no two are alike.

The origins of tie-dyeing can be traced back to Indian Bandhani and Japanese Shibori, whose dyeing techniques involve binding areas of fabric before the dyeing process in order to create color patterns.  My fabric binding technique utilizes large plastic tubes and lots of rubber bands!

The best way to check out these special t-shirts is in person so that you can appreciate all the character each t-shirt has.  Please come by and take a look: April 29th and 30th I will be participating in the Great Lakes Beach Glass & Coastal Arts Festival.