Color Your Mood

What's the secret to getting the most out of those adult coloring books?  You see them everywhere- they are all the rage and they say they're supposed to help you de-stress.  But do they really work?  The answer is absolutely if you do them correctly!  But how can there be a correct way to color, you ask?

I've heard adults say that they wouldn't know where to begin when they look at a coloring book page and they tell me they find it daunting to sit down to a white design and try to color it all in.  The issue is that they are thinking it has to look attractive, artistic or beautiful when they are finished.  But that is not the case.  It is important to remember that these coloring books are meant to give your mind a break, so you can become engrossed in the project and lose track of time for a bit and empty your mind of the everyday thoughts that clutter it.  The place to start should be with a quick glanced at your colored pencils or markers and pick up the first color that calls to you.  Our moods can often be associated with colors and what appeals to you in one sitting may not speak to you in the next coloring session.  Working with some colors can even bring about a sense of tranquility.  Shades of blue, for example, can be peaceful and relaxing to use while reds can be exciting.  If you felt that you needed a pick-me-up you may find yourself reaching for those reds and oranges!  If that's the case, you shouldn't be concerned if you are coloring a tree trunk, but you are holding an orange pencil-by all means color it using orange!  These pages do not have to be realistic.  And that is the secret to these coloring books!  You should color based on your mood and not with the intent to decorate the page realistically.  Kids have an easier time with this than adults do.  Who cares if you color the water pink or grass purple?  Allow yourself the freedom to be child-like and use colors with abandon.

I've designed and hand-drawn my own version of a coloring book based on my enjoyment of the seashore and sea glass.  The beach is my "happy" place.  So I designed the "Soothing Seas Art Therapy Kit", The Sea Glass Edition.  It will bring your mind to the shore, emptying it of all the day-to-day worries and thoughts, filling it with coastal colors and sea glass to search for (every page has a hidden piece of sea glass to search for while coloring).

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