Sea Glass- Those Little Pieces Of Vitamin Sea

"I wish I could be on the beach right now looking for sea glass..." I wistfully said out loud. I really wasn't speaking to anyone in particular, but my very young son heard me and said, "Mom! Don't you have enough sea glass? Why do you need more of it?"  This jolted me out of my daydreaming, and I smiled at how his young mind worked.  He was too young at that time to comprehend all that beachcombing is.  I did indeed have a great collection of sea glass, but what I was really expressing was my need for the experience of being out there by the water searching, rather than the desire for more glass.  There is something truly magical about how relaxing beachcombing is and each piece of sea glass found really represents those special moments I spend by the sea.  They are like colorful doses of "vitamin sea" - the accumulation of minutes and hours spent walking the shoreline and a benefit to my health. 

Our lives can often be like a merry-go-round, smack dab in the middle of a three ring circus!  Of course I get tired, but it's the mental fatigue that sometimes really gets the better of me and it's during those times I really crave that sea glass searching experience and it really comes through for me and a lot of you as well, so I've heard.  When you talk to people who go beachcombing often, you start to understand the inclination to satisfy something deeper and sentimental; there is a real emotional connection to the shore that happens.  I believe one of the reasons this occurs is because the seashore environment has the upper hand at rejuvenating mentally fatigued minds.  The positive influence of natural settings on stress has been studied for many years.  Research has shown that spending time in peaceful outdoor settings reduces stress and anxiety.  An environment will have a greater restorative affect if it holds our attention in a non-taxing way giving our over-loaded brains the means of blocking our the demands of our day-to-day lives and so beachcombing holds our attention without mental effort.  It is this attention-holding quality, along with the melodious, rhythmic ocean in the background that makes beachcombing and searching for sea glass the perfect antidote to a racing, fatigued, maxed out mind.

Sea glass is our ticket off the merry-go-round.

Cindy Bilbao,  founder of the Sea Glass Searcher's Club    a beachcombing boutique for the sea glass and beach lover in your life.