Nautical Trends can be found right here

I finally found time this holiday weekend to grab my stack of magazines that I have collected all summer long, and sit by the pool to flip through their pages.  When I opened up a magazine titled, The Coastal Lookbook from the publishers of Country Homes and Interiors I was pleased to discover that they feature numerous coastal decorating ideas that I also use in my beachcomber's boutique.  The magazine says that wooden signs are THE trend right now!  They suggest hanging a coastal- inspired, wooden sign in your home to "make beachgoers smile when the stop to visit".  The Sea Glass Searcher's Club website has nautical, country-coastal signs available!  This magazine also announces that tie-dye  "epitomizes the free-spirited style of the coast".  In my shop I feature my own version of this look I have called "Tide-Washed".  I hand dye my own shirts to evoke the ocean's tidal waters.  I am glad to see that I am on the right path when I offer my products to you!!!!  Stop by the shop to see what's available!! I hope your Labor Day weekend was as good as mine was!

Cindy BilbaoComment