I'm so thrilled to be trying something new that takes me a bit outside my comfort zone!  I felt compelled to try this to see if it can be of help to those of us who at times feel a tremendous amount of stress. When we feel anxious our bodies respond by producing cortisol which is not so good for our bodies and can impede the healing process. But when we feel happiness and contentment our bodies respond by producing different hormones within our bodies that are very good for us and have a positive effect on our well-being.   Anything that takes our mind away from our problems, worries and stresses can produce these good-for-you endorphins which is the idea behind coloring books for adults. I created my coloring book around the subject of the seashore (and sea glass) because that is the one place where I can let all of my worries go, forget my everyday life and relax.  What I'm hoping to do at this breast cancer support group is to create an environment where for just a little while, we can focus on imagining the sound and scent of the ocean, feel the sand and breeze while we color in the beachy designs and let everything else go out of our minds for an hour or so. If we can do this I know it will be very good for our bodies!!

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