Join the “club” of beach lovers who enjoy searching the tideline for treasures by shopping for your exclusive apparel and merchandise.

About The Sea Glass Searcher's Club


Welcome to the shop for beach people. The Sea Glass Searcher’s Club started out as a boutique for sea glass lovers, where they could find unique gifts for those who love to collect sea glass. It’s more than that now. It’s really all about beachcombing and the over-all beach lifestyle where it’s possible “to find your peace”- which has become my motto. Beach people share a love of the water and the coastline. There’s nothing better than a quiet walk on the beach to look for whatever I may discover there, whether it be sea glass, seashells, or simply beautiful scenery. As an artist, photographer and author I’ve been able to explore and create. Here at the site I’ve worked to offer you unique items that embody that beach “attitude” and life style.

I’m thrilled to finally have a “home-base” located inside STAINTON’S of Ocean City, New Jersey! Now you can stop in and see everything in person-maybe try on a shirt and see the pretty Rip Tide bracelets! Since this area is just a quick day trip from where I live this is a perfect fit for me. If you find yourself in the vicinity, please stop by! Stainton’s address is : 810 Asbury Ave, Ocean City, New Jersey