Join the “club” of beach lovers who enjoy searching the tideline for treasures by shopping for your exclusive apparel and merchandise.

About The Sea Glass Searcher's Club


I've named this boutique and my business THE SEA GLASS SEARCHER'S CLUB, but there is so much more behind the title than you may be aware of.  You see, I've always felt that sea glass loving folks are connected;  we all share a love of the water, sand and the coastline.  We enjoy searching for sea glass;  We are a unique group. We find peace and relaxation when we are at the coast. In this spirit, if you love searching for sea glass/beach glass you are already part of the club!  

I created this beachcombing boutique as a place where like-minded beachcombers can find fun, unique things for themselves or to be given as gifts and so I try to offer things that will "speak" to my fellow sea glassers!   The products that you'll find here I've had a hand in creating myself.  The photography on this website is near and dear to my heart. I've been photographing in the great out-doors since I was a child.

I love hearing from you- If you love something I have here on the website, send me an email!!! You can find me on Instagram too